shRNA Cloning System Details

shRNA cassette can be directly assembled from short, tagged oligos and mixed with ready-to-use vector for rapid construction. High levels of shRNA expression are achieved using the built-in H1 promoter. Positively expressing cells can be sorted using the CMV promoter-driven GFP reporter (Cat# LF523A-1), RFP reporter (Cat# LF526A-1) or selected for Puromycin resistance (Cat# LF524A-1). Alternatively, you can choose to have the RFP marker expressed from an EF1 promoter (Cat# LF527A-1). See plasmid vector maps below for additional details.

One-step annealing of cost-effective, short synthetic oligos for shRNA cloning

Clone-it shRNA Vector Maps

How the shRNAs are expressed

Details of the Lentiviral Delivery System

* Expression in target cells through transfection (plasmid form) or transduction (packaged constructs).
* Simple packaging into pseudoviral particles with SBI’s pPACK Lentivector Packaging System
* Deliver expression constructs into a wide range of cell lines including non-dividing or difficult-to-transfect cell lines with biologically-safe and high-titer enabled HIV-based lentivectors.

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