RNAi Libraries:

GeneNet™ shRNA Libraries enable you to perform high-throughput gene knockdown studies on a genome-wide or pathway-focused basis. You can simultaneously identify multiple genes that alter a specific cellular phenotype—in a single experiment.

By merging effector expression libraries with siRNA technology and the efficiency of lentiviral transduction, GeneNet™ siRNA Libraries enable you to conveniently introduce and see the effect of many thousands of siRNA molecules on cell functions at once. As outlined on the page describing how the library works, after selecting transduced cells that express a desired phenotype (such as resistance to apoptosis or irradiation, or a growth response to a chemical additive, etc.), you can identify the sets of genes that control the response.

Developed to be an affordable approach for the average researcher, GeneNet™ shRNA Libraries cost much less than you might think.

We offer RNAi libraries for:

RNAi Libraries