We offer a wide-range of custom services to support your research, allowing you to spend less time making tools, and more time making discoveries.

Take advantage of our expertise with lentiviral vector cloning and packaging, pooled shRNA libraries for high-throughput screening,
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell line creation and microRNA profiling for the whole genome or specific panels such as our OncoMir and Differentiation qPCR arrays.

Lentiviral Custom Services

-> Custom shRNA, cDNA & Transcription Reporter Constructs
-> Express Lentiviral Packaging Service
-> Custom RNAi Libraries & Data Analysis Service
-> Stable Cell Line creation

Stem Cell Custom Services

-> Custom Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Lines (iPSCs)
-> Send us your cells, we reprogram them into pluripotent state

MicroRNA Custom Services

-> qPCR-based Profiling Service for the whole genome or specific collections
-> Custom precursor overexpression and microRNA knockdown constructs
-> Expert consulting and experimental advice

To obtain more information, order a custom service, or to inquire about a custom service not listed, contact us directly.
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