NEW! Lyophilised Foetal Bovine Serum:

Dilution in cell culture Media
3g of instant FBS is equivalent to 50ml of liquid FBS
3g pre-packed in tubes for 500ml Media (10% FBS)

Can be stored at 2-8°C for a max of 3 years
NO freeze/thaw cycles
NO need for dry ice shipments

Code Product
LS-381 Foetal Bovine Serum, South American Origin Lyophilised for 50ml
LS-382 Foetal Bovine Serum, French Origin Lyophilised for 50ml

More Information:
FB-1001-50, lot 8460.pdf / FB-1001-50, lot 8460.doc
FB-1090-50, lot 8026.pdf / FB-1090-50, lot 8026.doc
FB-1090-50, lot 8033.pdf / FB-1090-50, lot 8033.doc