Powerful Molecular Tools:

We make cloning simple, accurate and fast. Create your clone in 3 days with the Cold Fusion Cloning Kit. Transfect your construct into any cell type with high efficiency using PureFection™ transfection reagent and concentrate Retroviruses efficiently with Retro-Concentin™. Track cellular dynamics with the Cyto-Tracers™ GFP-fusion constructs.

Cold Fusion Cloning Kit:
Clone any segment of DNA into any vector effortlessly. The Cold Fusion cloning technology enables you to PCR-clone multiple fragments in any orientation and in any combination you want. Create unique expression vectors by combining multiple fragments simultaneously.

PureFection™ Transfection Reagent
PureFection is a powerful, broadly applicable transfection reagent for effective and reproducible transfections.

Retro-Concentin™ Virus Concentration
Precipitate retroviruses for high-titer transductions.

Cyto-Tracers™ GFP-fusion Constructs
Trace cellular dynamics in living cells with GFP-tagged lentivector expression constructs to localize markers to cellular compartments and vesicles.

MetaMorph Mutagenesis Kit
Create single, multiple mutations or introduce insertions and deletions simultaneously.