pGreenFire1 (pGF1)is a versatile HIV-based lentivector that co-expresses destabilized copGFP and Firefly Luciferase enabling the detection of both GFP signals as well as Luciferase for quantitative transcription activation reporter assays.

Lentivector map of pGreenFire1

The pGreenFire pathway reporters are also available with an optional EF1-Puro or EF1-Neo selection cassette placed downstream of the WPRE element.To include this option on your pGreenFire vector order, simply place a "-P" for Puro or "-N" for Neo to designate which option you want. The selection cassettes are no extra charge. Example: pGreenFire1-HIF1(plasmid, catalog #TR026PA-1, would be #TR026PA-P to include the EF1-Puro selection cassette.

Measure both GFP and Luciferase with pGreenFire1

Features and Benefits of pGreenFire1 (pGF1) Lentivectors

* pGreenFire1 is a dual reporter vector and so has the advantage of being able to determine whether reporter activation has taken place by assessing both GFP and firefly luciferase levels.
* Firefly luciferase provides a familiar, well-established and quantitative assessment of transcription activation, while the GFP reporter enables non-destructive live cell imaging.
* Proviral reporters are integrated into normal chromatin and therefore provide a more accurate model for the study of transactivation and epigenetic effects.
* pGreenFire1 lentiviral reporters allow researchers to quickly and easily establish stable reporter cell lines using either their own transcriptional response elements or any of SBI’s pre-made, pre-validated reporters.
* Stable reporter cell lines eliminate the need to transfect reporter plasmids for each experiment and so reduces the well-to-well variability often seen with plasmid reporter transfection.
* No need to have a second reporter (eg Renilla luciferase or beta-galactosidase) to normalize transfection levels.
* Minimal CMV (mCMV) basal promoter has extremely low activity in the absence of transcription response elements.

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