Lentiviral Packaging Systems

* Produce highly efficient, transduction-ready, and replication-incompetent FIV or HIV-based pseudoviral particles containing lentiviral constructs
* Introduce and stably express lentiviral constructs in virtually any mammalian cell, including hard-to-transfect primary cells, neuronal cells and stem cells
* SBI’s 293TN producer cell line is optimized for high pseudoviral titers

LentiStarter™ Kit
New to Lentivirus Technology? Try SBI's LentiStarter™ Kit that enables optimal lentiviral Packaging, Concentration and Transduction in one convenient starter sample kit (pPACKH1, PEG-it and TransDux)

Complete system that enables optimal lentiviral Packaging, Concentration and Titering in one convenient toolset

Virus Packaging Systems
pPACK™ packaging plasmid mix for optimized lentivirus production

Producer Cell Line
SBI's 293TN cell line produces high titer lentivirus

Virus Concentration and Transduction
Easily concentrate Lentiviruses with PEG-it™ virus precipitation solution
Efficiently transduce your target cells with TransDux™

Transfer DNA and siRNAs to cells with high efficiency using nanotechnology-based reagent

A novel calcium phosphate-based transfection reagent for highly efficient delivery of lentiviral packaging plasmids into 293T cells

Positive Transduction Controls
Pre-packaged lentivirus aliquots to select the best expressing lentivector optimal for your target cells and compare efficiencies of different promoters in your target cell line

Magneto Transduction
Increase your virus transduction efficiency with LentiMag™

Virus Titering
Accurate and easy qPCR measurement of lentiviral titers with the Global UltraRapid™ Lentiviral Titer Kit