PureFection™ Nanotechnology-based Transfection Reagent

Deliver more DNA and siRNAs to cells than the leading lipid-based transfection kits
PureFection is a powerful, broadly applicable transfection reagent for effective and reproducible transfections.


The PureFection reagent self-assembles nanoparticles in the presence of DNA and RNA. These complexes are readily taken up by target cells for efficient gene delivery. No media changes are required as PureFection works in the presence of antibiotics and serum. Easy-to-use protocol with rapid, one-step incubation for 15 minutes before adding directly to target cells makes PureFection well-suited for high-throughput transfection experiments.

* Highly effective transfection technology - works with most cell types
* Cost-effective alternative to lipid-based products
* Nano-based gene delivery with low toxicity
* Rapid 15 minute protocol makes Purefection ideal for high-throughput transfections
* Works with both Plasmid DNA and siRNAs