Full Spectrum™ MultiStart Primers for T7 IVT RNA Amplification


The Full Spectrum™ MultiStart Primers for T7 IVT are a mixture of non-degenerate primers and oligo-dT primer—all with T7 promoters attached—that initiate first strand cDNA synthesis at multiple points along the mRNA as well as from the poly A tail. This means that the complete mRNA sequence is preserved, even if the mRNA is degraded.

The Full Spectrum™ MultiStart Primer Mix replaces the existing T7 IVT Primer that is included in your current Ambion, Epicentre, Arcturus, or Amersham T7 IVT RNA Amplification Kit. With no further modifications to the existing protocol, you can generate complete transcriptome amplification as well as greater yields of amplified RNA for gene expression microarray analysis or other applications requiring large amounts of RNA.

The Full Spectrum MultiStart primers are derived from the Universal Primer Mix in the PCR-based Full Spectrum RNA Amplification Kit for degraded and non-degraded RNA, which we recommend for quantitative PCR (qPCR) applications. With all of the same advantages as T7 IVT, you can generate enough amplified cDNA for qPCR expression analysis of hundreds of transcripts in fewer steps, with less cost, and in under 3 hours.

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