Lenti-miR, OncoMir and miRZip™ MicroRNA Pooled Lentiviral Libraries


Screen microRNAs simultaneously for unique phenotypes

The Lenti-miR™ , OncoMir and miRZip™ pooled virus libraries are tools that enables the study of phenotypic effects associated with the over-expression or suppresssion of individual microRNAs. The lentivirus preparation is pseudotyped with VSV-G that allows for broad cellular tropism. Hard-to-transfect mammalian cell lines, primary cells, non-dividing cells and even whole animal studies are possible. Transduced cells exhibiting the phenotypes of interest are isolated by selection or sorting. The microRNA or microRNAs responsible for generating the phenotypes of interest may be recovered through simple genomic PCR using lentivector-specific primers followed by direct sequencing of microRNA precursor or miRZip anti-miR shRNA hairpin clones.

Features and Benefits:
* Ready-to-infect lentivirus pools of SBI’s entire microRNA precursor clone or miRZip collections
* OncoMir virus library has 140 of the top microRNA precursors involved in Cancer
* Study effects of overexpressing precursors using the Lenti-miR or OncoMir libraries
* Disrupt microRNA signaling pathways using the miRZip library to uncover microRNA functions
* Reliable delivery to dividing or non-dividing cells
* Monitor and conveniently sort transduced cells based on GFP expression or use Puromycin in the miRZip library
* Includes primers to recover the effector precursor microRNAs or miRZip anti-miR hairpins in cells exhibiting phenotypes of interest
* Positive transduction control virus to optimize infection included