Accurately Interpret your RNAi Results


Our Interferon Response Detection Kit for validation of siRNA experiments ensures you get more accurate data from siRNA knockdown analyses by allowing you to easily assess if your siRNA induces a non-specific interferon stress response. Stress responses may affect general cellular protein expression levels and can confuse the interpretation of data obtained from RNAi experiments. The Interferon Response Detection Kit measures relative expression levels of five genes involved in the interferon response: OAS1, OAS2, MX1, ISGF3g, and IFITM1.

* Measure non-specific interferon response for synthetic siRNA and siRNA constructs in plasmid or viral vectors
* Useful for other applications, such as detection of retroviral infection
* Convenient PCR-based detection using qRT-PCR or convenient end-point PCR
* Profile 5 interferon-stimulated genes to ensure accurate results regardless of cell type
* Get clear results in just a few hours after transfection or transduction

The sensitivity of different cell lines to double-stranded RNA activation of interferon-induced stress genes and pathways can vary significantly. Cell types and growth conditions, as well as the design and concentration of siRNA, can affect the susceptibility, level, and extent of activation of the interferon response. The use of five different genes—each acting as a marker to different interferon-stimulated pathways—helps ensure accurate detection of interferon-related stress in a variety of cell types and under many different conditions. The interferon response can be clearly seen by the robust increase in these genes.

To determine if your siRNA stimulates a stress response, use our Interferon Response Detection Kit—designed especially to ensure quality RNAi analysis.