The Cumate Switch Inducible System


The SparQ™ cumate switch lentivectors work through virus transduction and deliver extremely tight control, robust induction and a highly titratable expression switch for inducible gene and microRNA expression studies. The system works through the CymR repressor that binds the cumate operator sequences (CuO) with high affinity. The repression is alleviated through the addition of Cumate, a non-toxic small molecule that binds to CymR. This system has a dynamic inducibility, can be finely tuned and is reversible and inducible over and over for timed expression studies.

Cumate Switch OFF/ON

•Enhanced Cumate Operator (CuO) elements regulate the potent CMV5 promoter
• Extremely low background with robust Cumate-On induction
• Track induction with co-expressed RFP or GFP markers
• Easy to titrate level of induction with cumate solution
• Switch ON -> Turn OFF -> Switch ON again capabilities
• No special media or conditions required, plug and play system