Cold Fusion Cloning Kit


Join the revolution in new cloning technologies

The Cold Fusion technology is a simple, rapid and highly efficient cloning kit. It allows you to directly clone any PCR product(s) to any linearized expression vector, at any site.

The PCR fragments can be generated by High Fidelity DNA Polymerases like BioCat´s PRECISOR Polymerase (see link below) or Taq DNA polymerase, with primers that are designed to have at least 15 bases of homology at their linear ends to where you want the product to fuse. The linearized vector can be generated by PCR or restriction enzymes (single or double cut). One tube simple reaction format, 5 minute incubation at room temperature then 10 minutes on ice, your PCR product(s) rapidly and accurately fuse into the linearized vector in the desired orientation. The kit is so robust that multiple DNA fragments can be assembled simultaneously and cloned into one construct in a single step. The system is highly efficient, with more than 95% positive cloning rate.

How it works
The 5x Cold Fusion Master mix contains a proprietary blend of enzymes that prepare the ends of DNA fragments for sequence-directed alignment. Compatible DNA ends are then efficiently fused and produce vector clones with great accuracy.

--> Clone any insert, at any site within any vector
--> Restriction enzyme, phosphatase and ligase free system
--> Powerful technology to join multiple fragments at once
--> Rapid one tube reaction for 5 minutes at room temperature, then fusion on ice for 10 minutes
--> Introduce or correct mutations at will in cDNAs
--> Amenable to high throughput cloning applications


Apply Cold Fusion technology for cloning a single DNA fragment


Apply Cold Fusion technology for cloning multiple DNA fragments in the order you choose in a 1 tube reaction

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