Screen genome-wide for genes regulating cellular responses or signaling pathways


* Identify potential drug targets or diagnostic markers that inhibit, enhance, or activate a selectable phenotype
* Find crucial regulatory genes using routine growth selections or flow sorting
* High-throughput identification of functional siRNAs by Affymetrix GeneChip® hybridization
* Cost-effective genome-wide functional analysis at prices affordable to the average researcher
* Choose from shRNA libraries in FIV or HIV-based lentivectors
* Also available in plasmid form, you can now produce large quantities of packaged shRNA library in your own lab

shRNA Library table

Our GeneNet shRNA Libraries encode a pooled set of shRNAs designed against all target genes, and are constructed using a lentiviral delivery system so the library may be introduced into almost any cell type. Upon infection with an shRNA library, a functional screen is applied, and those cells exhibiting the desired phenotypic changes are isolated. The shRNA constructs, presumably inducing the phenotypes of interest, are recovered by PCR and identified by microarray hybridization or sequence analysis. SBI’s GeneNet libraries allow for comprehensive, cost-effective genome-wide RNAi screens to be performed by any research group.